Introducing the Get Active India challenge.

Close your rings every day to help your city win the challenge.


The challenge runs from
February 15th to March 14th, 2021.

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What is Get Active India challenge?

Get Active India is a fitness challenge, where different Indian cities will fight for the title of the fittest.
You can help your city win this battle by closing your rings every day with your Apple Watch.

How it works?

A few simple steps to follow to take your city towards victory.

to participate
Download the Challenges App
and sign up
Select Get Active India Challenge
and enter code: India
Choose your city and
view the goals
Set personal goals on
your Apple Watch
Close Your Rings
every day
Contribute to make
your city win

Top 5
wins AirPods.

Be in the Top 5
on the leaderboards and you can win a free AirPods.

Your city is not participating?

But you still can. All you have to do is select Rest of India when you choose the city and start working out to meet the city goals.


Wondering what
Close Your Rings means?
Let us help you out.

Three rings: Move, Exercise, Stand.
One goal: Close them every day. Activity: Whatever you like.
It’s a simple and fun way to lead a healthier life.

Know more about the Activity rings.

There is an Apple Watch for everyone.
Find yours here.

There is an Apple Watch for everyone.
Find yours here.